What is a cute dragon course?

This is a course where you can learn how to draw cute dragons in 5 designs (7 patterns with different sizes).

You can take this course in recorded video (Japanese) and text (English). The text tells you the order of drawing. It's not a zoom lesson.

You can draw in any color you like.

You can also draw the dragon's eyes, nose, and mouth in your own.

Please enjoy drawing your original pastel art and letters on the background.

Let's draw a cute dragon New Year's card.

If you have taken the Pastel Wagara Asobi course, you can draw the pastel art that you learned in the course.

Please do not use the design of the Pastel Wagara Asobi course if you have not taken the course.

This is a work that combines the designs of Pastel Wagara Asobi Advanced Kawaii Wagara Course and Pastel Wagara Asobi Beautiful Wagara Course and Cute dragon Course.

Click here for details of the Pastel Wagara Asobi course.

Click here for details of the Pastel Wagara Asobi Advanced Course.

Collaboration work with Pastel Wagara Asobi Advanced course Kawaii Wagara 

 Advanced course Beautiful Wagara 

The text includes samples of characters that can be written on New Year's cards.

Also available in English and Traditional Chinese.

Please use it to create your original New Year's cards.


Nouvelle Curry Pastel


Cotton swabs

Coupy color pencil

White gel pen

Postcard(画仙紙) or drawing paper (It is OK to cut drawing paper into postcard size.)

Paper for paper stencils 

What you can do after taking the course

You can give your work as a gift.

You cannot sell any work that uses the course design.

You can display your work at an exhibition.

You can post your work on the Internet such as blogs, Facebook, Instagram.

Please write it as a cute dragon course. I would be happy if you could tag me on Instagram (@mamikotodama).

Cute Dragon Course Completion Certification

You can hold face-to-face lessons, online lessons such as Zoom.

You can decide how many designs to teach your students.

You can also decide the course fee yourself.


When your student wants a certificate of completion, you must teach them all 5 designs.


You can open a lesson with a cute dragon course and your original pastel design.

At that time, please raise the course fee.


The certification fee is 5,000 Japanese yen.

You can pay with PayPal. Certificates are digital certificates only.

If you want a paper certificate, please print it yourself.

Rules for holding lessons

When you hold a course, please distribute the lesson design pages to your students.

And please distribute the first and second pages with the rules of the course.


For online lessons, please mail paper stencils and textbooks to students' homes in advance.

It is forbidden to send text data over the Internet.


You cannot publish the drawing methods you learn in the course on Instagram Live, YouTube, etc.


You cannot sell only textbooks or paper stencils without giving students face-to-face and online lesson.

Cute dragon correspondence course by video and text

Course fee 8,800 Japanese Yen.

 Certification fee 5,000 Japanese yen. 

● Course period

1 month. Please draw 5 designs and show me a picture of your art works. If you have any questions, please ask me. If you wish to extend the course period, you will be required to pay an additional fee of 3,000 yen per month. Please make a plan and attend.

Video and Text 

The video is in Japanese. There are 6 videos. About 30-40 minutes each.

Text is in English. You can read the instructions on how to draw in the text. The text does not include pictures for each step.

Paper stencil

The text shows how to make a paper stencil and a sample, so you can make it yourself.

● Payment

You can pay with PayPal.

I will send you a PayPal invoice, so please pay.

Please express your individuality and have fun drawing.

I look forward to receiving your application.

Thank you so much.