What is Pastel Wagara Asobi Course?

In this course [Basic course (“Kisetsu”)> Intermediate course (“Hana”)> Advanced course (“Miyabi”)], you will learn how to draw 30 different Japanese patterns using pastel.

You can take classes while raising your level.


After completing the course, you can present your work, upload it to SNS, or display it at an exhibition.


In the course, you can learn how to draw pastel art.

Please note that you cannot learn how to write words in this course.

If you want to write words, write them as you like.


After completing all five designs of each course, you can become an instructor and hold face-to-face courses.

If you become a senior instructor, you can also sell original works that utilize the techniques of the course.

Senior instructors can offer online courses such as Zoom and Skype.

Tools for all Courses

● Nouvel Carre Pastel (12 colors set B)

● Sakura COUPY or color pencils (any brand ok)

● Post Card(画仙紙)You can cut the paper you usually use into postcard size.

● Paper for paper stencil (DELETER COMIC BOOK PAPER B 135-A4) You can use the paper you usually use for the stencil.

● STAEDTER (Staedter MARS 52950)Erasing Shield.

● Color Brush Pen.

● Standard Pastel Set - Eraser, Soft eraser (Kneaded eraser), 2.3mm or 3.8mm pencil type eraser, Cotton puff, Cotton swab (for baby/ for adult), Brush for brushing pastel powder, Net for shaving Pastel, cutter, scissors, wet towel/ wet tissue, Pastel Fixative-Spray, Craft Punch/ Stencils etc.)

Basic course "Kisetu"

In this course, you can easily draw cute Japanese patterns  using freehand or simple paper stencils.

It is recommended for beginners as it contains the basic techniques of pastel art.

The design is based on the four seasons of Japan, so you can draw while feeling the seasons of Japan.

It is a perfect design to give as a gift according to the season or to decorate your room.

【Basic course (“Kisetu”) Contents】

• 桜 (Sakura), かんたん霞 (Kantan-Kasumi)

• 松 (Matsu), 竹 (Take), 梅 (Ume)

• ちどり (Chidori), 青海波 (Seigaiha)

• もみじ (Momiji), かんたん麻の葉 (Kantan-asanoha), 餅花(Mochibana)

• なんてん (Nanten), 雪うさぎ(Yukiusagi)

【Course fee】JPY 15,000

【Certification fee】JPY  3500

 Certification is registration only. No certificate is issued.

*This photo has a different color scheme from the sample, with some arrangements.

Intermediate course “Haha”

This is a course aims at teaching you how to draw seasoning Japanese patterns, all about flowers, including Ichimatu, Kikkou, Kanokosibori etc.

The final deliverable can be an interior decoration, together with the real flowers and make you feel fresh.

It can also be a gift to your friends or relatives, or you can show your works to all by exhibition.

【Intermediate course (“Haha”) Contents

• 菊 (Kiku),市松 (Ichimatu)

亀甲 (Kikkou)

梅 (Ume)

• 椿 (Tubaki)

桜 (Sakura)、鹿の子しぼり(Kanokosibori)、流水文(Ryuusuimon)

【Course fee】JPY 17,000

【Certification fee】JPY  3,500

 Certification is registration only. No certificate is issued.

*This photo has a different color scheme from the sample, with some arrangements.

Advance course “Miyabi”

This is a course aims at teaching you how to draw classic Japanese patterns that seem difficult to draw by pastel.

You will learn more styles and techniques throughout this course, allowing you to express the beauty of those Japanese patterns.


【Advance course (“Miyabi”) Contents

• 麻の葉 (Asanoha)、扇 (Ougi)、りぼん(Ribbon)

• 雪輪 (Yukiwa)、雪の結晶 (Yuki no Kessyou)、霞 (Kasumi)

• 鞠 (Mari)、露草 (Tuyukusa)

• 矢絣 (Yagasuri)

• 乱菊(Rangaku)

【Course fee】JPY 18,000

【Certification fee】JPY  7,500

 Certificates will be issued.

*This photo has a different color scheme from the sample, with some arrangements.

● You must learn the course in sequence and complete the course steps by steps. For example, you are not allowed to skip the Basic course (“Kisetu”), and take Advance course (“Miyabi”).


● There is also an advanced course (Kawaii Wagara) for those who have taken the basic course. You can learn how to draw a new Japanese contemporary style patterns.

Let's play freely with 30 Japanese contemporary style patterns♡


Japanese contemporary style patterns do not quarrel between patterns.

Each pattern has a meaning, and has a congratulatory meaning such as prosperity and prosperity.

Perfect for gifts♡

It's fun to look up the meaning of the pattern and then draw it as you imagine.


【Combination of colors】

As you can imagine from the kimono and obi, the colors are colorful and showy.

If you're always wondering which color to use, try drawing with your favorite combination of colors.

You can create interesting works with color combinations that you couldn't try before.


If you want to write a message, please use a color brush pen or English stamp. It's very fashionable.

Arrangements such as New Year's cards, welcome boards, and Reishi paper are endless.

Please create your original Japanese pattern art♡

Here is the arranged original work. Please draw with reference.

Both are advanced course works.

As you can see, changing the color, pattern layout, postcard direction and letters will change the atmosphere so much!!

After taking the course, you can change the color and play.

Teachers never get bored during lessons.

You can enjoy sharing ideas with the students with a fresh feeling every time♡

Recommended for these people♡

・I want to be able to draw cute Japanese  contemporary style patterns.

・I want to try beautiful and delicate pastel art.

・I want to create more and more originals.

・I want to draw pastel art that gives a feel of Japanese culture.

・I want to learn various techniques and arrangements.

・I like kimonos and Japanese  contemporary style patterns.

・I want hobbies and time to be absorbed.

・I want to collaborate with calligraphy works to bring out the splendor.

・I want to make a cute New Year's card with a Japanese pattern this year.

・I want to make something that can be given on the anniversary of family and friends.

・I want to get a qualification and improve my level.

・I want to add a new menu to the classroom.

・I want to make drawing a job.

・Every time I want to enjoy the course with a fresh feeling.


Those who can apply even one can be helpful.

Student impressions

The Japanese contemporary style patterns are so cute!

The text is easy to understand, it's fun to draw, and it's finished at once!When I started drawing, I couldn't stop. I was in trouble. (Lol)

While looking at the text, I was amazed and enjoyed drawing, "Hey, how do you draw like this?"

I am not good at correspondence courses, but this course is different! It was really fun!

(Wakayama, Ms. Y)

There were many details in the intermediate and advanced levels, and some were difficult for me.

However, I was able to enjoy the course with great joy when it was completed!

This is the third time I have taken Namiko's correspondence course.

The text contains photos for each process.I

t's very easy to understand and I can take it without worry in correspondence courses.

When I lined up all the works, I was happy with the many Japanese contemporary style patterns!

I am very happy to take the Japanese pattern course full of ideas!(Shizuoka, Ms. M)

I always wanted to learn Japanese contemporary style patterns drawn in pastel!

I am happy just to see the works of this course♡

Acquiring 30 kinds of drawing skills is a property.

By changing the combination and colors, you can enjoy your own original atmosphere!

Recommended for those who like Japanese contemporary style patterns! 

You don't have to worry about attending.


I had a very good time!

I would like to output what I have learned in the future.

Thank you for telling me what you don't understand in detail.

I'm really thankful to you! !

(Oita, Ms. C)

Certificate of completion

I will issue a certificate of completion to those who have taken it from beginner to advanced level and those who enjoy it as a hobby without teaching or selling.

It is an original certificate of completion with a lot of cute Japanese contemporary style patterns drawn in the course.

How about a memorial?


【 Certificate issuance fee】 JPY4,000

A digital certificate is free, and a paper certificate costs 510 yen.

Instructor certification

●Instructor certification fee


・ Basic instructor certification 3,500 yen

・ Intermediate instructor certification 3,500 yen 
  (Certification fee includes instructor registration fee, fee for using course design, fee for using textbook.)

・ Advance instructor certification 7,500 yen

(Certification fee includes instructor registration fee, fee for using course design, fee for using , fee for listing your name on HP, design fee for sale, issue fee of instructor certificate)


Upon completion of the advanced course, a certificate of completion will be issued.

A digital certificate is free, and a paper certificate costs 510 yen.

Basic courses and intermediate courses will be registered as instructors, but certificates will not be issued.


●Those who apply for three courses at once and apply for instructor certification for all three courses


Those who have applied for the three courses of basic, intermediate and advanced at once, and who have applied for instructor certification for the three courses at once, a total of 14,500 yen instructor certification fee will be discounted to 10,500 yen.


●What you can do when you get certified as an instructor


・ You can hold face-to-face courses for which you have been certified as an instructor. Correspondence course by text is not possible. Only advanced instructors can give online courses on zoom and skype.


・ You can hold a one-time face to face workshop.(The price is fixed.Basic: 3000〜3500 yen per design, Intermediate: 3400〜3900 yen per design, Advance: 3600〜4100 yen per design.)

・The one-time face to face workshop design can also be held using a part of the design of the Pastel Wagara Asobi course or your completely original design. You can decide the price at that time.


・ Only advanced instructors can sell original works that partially use the pastel Japanese pattern play course design.

It is not possible to sell works that draw the course sample design as it is. Also, it is not possible to sell works that only change colors and characters.

Only works that combine the Japanese pattern drawn in the course with your calligraphy and your pastel art can be sold.
・ Only advanced instructors can offer the original Japanese pattern course you invented.

You can also refer to the techniques learned in the Pastel Wagara Asobi course.

In that case, you can use the STAEDTER (Staedter MARS 52950)Erasing Shield, but you cannot use the paper stencil used in the basic, intermediate, and advanced courses.

Use the original paper stencil you invented.

Please use the same tools and art materials used in the Pastel Wagara Asobi course.。

・Only advanced instructors can offer online courses such as Skype and Zoom.

Please make it the same price as the face-to-face course. For online courses, be sure to distribute face-to-face lesson texts to students. Distribute the printed text. Sending text data by email is prohibited.

Ask students in advance if they need a paper stencil.

If the student cannot make a paper stencil, the teacher will make it and send it.

Let's choose according to your purpose

You can choose a suitable course according to your own need.


① For interested only and no intention to apply the instructor license → Pay for the course fee


② People who want to enjoy as hobbies, those who want a certificate of completion → Certificate issuance fee 4,000 yen


③ For teaching and commercial (e.g. selling your works), and choose to apply the course of completion certificate in one-go → a discount price of 10,500 yen instead of 14,500 yen


④ For teaching and commercial (e.g. selling your works), take the courses at different timing, and apply three course of completion certificates at different timing, → no discounted price and you have to pay for 3,500 yen for the Basic course, Intermediate course at 3,500 yen, and Advance course at 7,500 yen separately


⑤ For teaching and commercial (e.g. selling your works), take the courses at different timing, and apply three course of completion certificates plus three different license, → total 14, 500 yen

Pastel Wagara Asobi correspondence course by text


Those with a pastel art qualification.


Course fee 

Basic 15,000 yen, Intermediate 17,000 yen, Advance 18,000 yen


● Attendance period

One month for each course. It takes 3 months to apply for the 3 courses, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

You can finish it anytime within the period.



PDF text data will be sent by email. Please print it out at home.

If you prefer a paper text, please pay 2,500 yen per course.

The price for the basic, intermediate and advanced courses is tooal 5,500 yen.

It may take about two weeks to arrive. The period begins the day after the  paper text arrives.


Paper stencil

The text shows how to make a paper stencil and a sample, so you can make it yourself.

If you can't make a paper stencil, I'll make it and send it to you.

At that time, an additional fee will be charged. Basic 1,000 yen, Intermediate 1,500 yen, Advanced 1,500 yen will be charged.

After confirming payment, we will send it to your home by international mail. It may take about two weeks to arrive. The period begins the day after the paper stencil arrives.


Please read the article about tools. Please prepare by yourself.The text also explains it in detail.

● payment

You can pay with PayPal.

I'll send you a PayPal invoice so please tell me your email address.